The weapon in its building stages.


Maxwell's Silver Slammer is White Skies' weapon of choice. It functions as both a gun and a club (or flail). He has apparently used it many times when confronted with people he is not very fond of.


The Slammer is, essentially, a large chunk of walrus blubber attached to a stick. In this form, it can be used as a club, with which you can bloodily, brutally and mercilessly beat your adversaries to death (See Fig. 1).

Alternatively, the stick can be extended into a chain, upon which the blubber rests. Used for ranged attacks, the flail form of Maxwell's Silver Slammer is another powerful weapon (See Fig. 2).

Lastly, the weapon may also be used as a gun. By pulling out the previously concealed gun-holding-thing, it can fire random, erratic shots in any general direction (See Fig. 3).


  • Fig. 1
  • Fig. 2
  • Fig. 3

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