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    Me, Raga, Kami and Fire did research to this.

    We went to the website of the Melbourne PD, there was no information there, so we went to the website of the Herald Sun (Melbourne News).

    We found a specific page of it: "Law and order"

    There was NOTHING related to a Girlfriend missing, with her Boyfriend being caught in jail..... in the last 6 days. Wouldn't that be on the news? It would be ATLEAST local. "Boyfriend accused of missing Girlfriend."

    It would be in my country.....

    I can also call the Melbourne PD for further information, but that would be a bit over-the-top.

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  • General Esdeath

    My depart.

    July 10, 2013 by General Esdeath

    I'm leaving this Wikia, because I don't see any reason to be here. So I'll depart. Also, I don't even make characters and such stuff,

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  • General Esdeath

    I'll keep the chat open here, for if someone joins.

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