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    Traitor's Death

    September 7, 2013 by Goddess of Despair

    The rain pours down heavily on the town of wikia. A man walks in shackles, moves towards a deep pit. He turns behind him, and looking past the executioner, looked directly at two people in cloaks. One was in a bright red cloak and the other in a blue one. The one in blue nodded to the executioner, who held a large wooden club. Closing his eyes, the man was slammed in the back with the club, and fell into the pit. 

    All without a scream.

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  • Goddess of Despair

    For those who don't know I am a big fan of Godzilla. There's something about a giant, fire breathing, invincible monster fighting other giant monsters and wrecking cities that is entertaining...I'm not crazy. And Godzilla Unleashed is a game on Wii which represents the King of Monsters well with tons of other Kaju. So why is this game getting hated? What's so bad that it gets 4.9/10? Well I am going to give my own review as a fan of the King of Monsters to hopefully provide some answers.

    What's a Godzilla game without monsters? A sh*tty one.Anyways you get to choose from 4 classes of monsters. These are Mutant, Earth Defender, Alien, and GDF.

    Earth Defender features Godzilla, Anguirus, Mothra, Rodan, Baragon, King Caesar and Varan.

    Alien feat…

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  • Goddess of Despair

    Click "add video."

    Insert the URL from say, youtube.

    Click "add video"

    Click "return to editing"


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  • Goddess of Despair

    "I DARE you to make a emote for all pokemon" --Dani

    "Challenge accepted."--Myself


    We have lots of new for every pokemon in fact. Also others. So have fun with our new emotes!

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  • Goddess of Despair

    Now all of us have categories in the Wiki Naviagation. File your stuff (pages and blogs) in them.

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