So, I think a lot of use have had a time in our lives where we've just been kind of 'out of it'. Sometimes you just kinda aren't sure whats going on, and sometimes it's a bit.... worse. This is a story about me be really out of it.

So I came home from school, like a normal day, and got online. Then I started to get a migraine, which for me usually starts with one side of my body going all numb. You ever had a numb tongue? Feels really weird. Anyways, instead of taking a nap or getting some advil, I thought I might just power through it. Big mistake.

So, around the time my dad gote home from work, it was getting pretty bad. I went up to my room and fell asleep. When I woke up for dinner, I was completely delirious.

I remember going downstairs and, for some reason, sitting on the sofa. My dad asked me if I was going to go eat dinner, and I got up to go to the table.

The next thing I know, I'm sitting there pouring milk on my plate.

This had never happened to me before, and it was kinda weird. No drugs or alcohol were involved.

Just a funny story I thought I'd share.


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